AAS CanSat Competition Team Applications 20/21

The AAS CanSat Competition Team requires hard-working students with a desire to succeed. Being part of the team is very demanding and students should expect to dedicate a lot of time to Manchester CanSat Project. Students will be expected to not only commit time to the AAS CanSat Competition, but to also provide help in our weekly workshops and outreach activities. Throughout the year, students can expect to be putting in 10-20 hours weekly to ensure the continued success of MCP. During peak periods this could go up to 30 hours.

Recruitment for the 20/21 AAS Team is expected to begin in early October 2020.

Application Rules

  • Applications are only available for students currently studying at the University of Manchester,
  • We accept applications from students from both undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees (i.e. Masters and PhDs),
  • MCP is student-led and is organised on a voluntary basis. As a result, any students being disrespectful, aggressive or inappropriate will be excluded from the team,
  • Students are expected to be truthful on their application (applications are checked),
  • Students will need to provide a CV for the application that must be submitted to

Roles Available

Integration & Testing Engineer – The I&T Engineer is in charge with ensuring that all sub-systems come together well during the prototyping stage. They are also responsible for making sure that all the requirements are satisfied and keeping track of what requirements must still be fulfilled. They will also be in charge of all the testing that will be completed, including test launches.

Electrical Sub-System Engineer – Will be concerned with anything electrical and electronic based. This will include all the sensors on-board, GPS, communications, servos, motors, flight software and a camera. Specific specialisations are better appreciated.

Descent Control Sub-System Engineer – The DC Engineers cover anything that will affect the descent. This includes parachute selection, descent rate calculations and the glider aspect of the probe. It is desirable to have experience with SolidWorks and knowledge of gliders, but the latter is not mandatory.

Mechanical Sub-System Engineer – Will be concerned with material selection, structural integrity and manufacturing. MUST be proficient in SolidWorks and have some knowledge of 3D printing and other manufacturing techniques, along with the required design considerations. Will also be responsible for liaising with UoM workshop technicians to submit work and ensure that it gets manufactured.


The application form provides a good explanation of what is expected of students and follows a process much like applying for a job. If successful, applicants will be invited for an interview with our management team where the applicant’s strengths and understanding of the 2019/20 AAS CanSat Competition mission will be evaluated.

A link to the application form will be provided once recruitment starts.

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