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Manchester CanSat Project

Hosted by Manchester Satellite Development Group

Manchester CanSat Project (MCP) is a student-led society at the University of Manchester focusing on the design and build of CanSats. The term CanSat stands for “can-sized satellite”, that is typically launched in sounding rockets. CanSat Competitions around the globe attempt to simulate the life-cycle of a real industry project, from the early initial design stages to the post-flight review. The Project fully embraces its multidisciplinarity, drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of students from various STEM degrees, primarily Aerospace, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Physics.

The Project encompasses four main areas of activity: a team competing in the US CanSat Competition organised by the AAS, the USNRL and NASA; weekly workshops for STEM students at the University of Manchester; multiple teams competing in the UK CanSat Competition, organised proudly by ourselves with other universities; outreach activities, including Open Days and a collaboration with the ESA’s Educational Resources Office York branch.

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