UK CanSat Competition


The main aim of the UK CanSat Competition (UKCC) is to create a CanSat competition, much like the AAS CanSat Competition, on UK soil. For a lot of universities, the funding isn’t available to send a team out to the US every year. The Competition introduces STEM students to CanSat, and enhances their education and development as engineers.

Whilst the International CanSat Competition is organised by the American Astronautical Society (AAS) and is sponsored by a multitude of international companies, the UK CanSat Competition is organised by Manchester CanSat Project team members voluntarily. Therefore, it is currently much smaller in size and the mission is significantly simpler. The UK CanSat Competition calls for students to design and build a CanSat that must deliver standard data measurements including altitude, temperature and air speed. As the competition grows, the mission will become increasingly harder.

The UKCC is a joint collaboration with Midland Rocketry Club (MRC). MRC have been a valuable partner for us and they have a great set of facilities to let the Competition go ahead. The MRC website can be found here, where you can find their address and what else they get up to.

Please feel free to navigate between the UK CanSat Competition pages to learn more about the Competition.

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