Design Review

The Design Review (DR) is a chance for students to showcase their design. It goes into detail about the multiple sub-systems throughout the CanSat. For example, students will have to demonstrate the design choices made to decide on the size of the parachute. This will be presented by providing a Trade and Selection table which shows all of the considered choices and the final selection. The final selection must be obtained through good engineering judgement and mathematical reasoning.

Manchester CanSat Project provides a DR template for all of the teams to complete. This ensures that when marking the DR, it isn’t open to subjective marking. Additionally, it ensures that every team considers all of the design aspects of their design to hopefully reduce oversight and over complicating of the design.

Deadline: TBC

Flight Readiness Review

The Flight Readiness Review (FRR) is conducted during the Competition and is the first deliverable of the day. The main aim of the FRR is to satisfy MCP that the CanSat is safe to fly and fulfils the mission requirements.

For example, the FRR assesses the strength of the recovery system attachment point. This is achieved by conducting a drop test with a shock cord to determine whether the recovery system will remain attached to the CanSat and will aid descent.

Deadline: Day of Competition.

Launch Operations

Launch Operations (LO) is assessed during the descent of the CanSat and checks aspects such as the number of telemetry packets received through the Ground Control Station. It also checks whether the CanSat has a buzzer that beeps upon landfall to aid recovery.

Deadline: Day of Competition.

Post Flight Review

The Post Flight Review (PFR) is a presentation that teams must present in front of the Competition judges. Whilst all other deliverables are judged by MCP members, the judges for the PFR are MCP sponsor representatives and industry contacts.

The PFR is an opportunity for the students to conclude their project and discuss what went well, as well as what went wrong. During the PFR, students will also present the data they obtained during their launch. Students are expected to discuss the results and justify them.

At the end of the PFR, the judges will have an opportunity to ask the teams questions which will be marked according to how well they are able to answer the questions. The quality of the entire presentation is also marked along with the rest of the presentation.

Deadline: Day of Competition.

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