Manchester CanSat Project organises weekly workshops throughout the academic year to STEM students aiming to develop or even introduce skills such as soldering, SolidWorks, data acquisition, flight software, and integration and testing. For the first time this year, we will be offering PCB design workshops also.

The workshops are open to students who have little experience as well as students who have experience and want to further their skills. Therefore, the workshops are orientated around both sets of students through simple explanations and practical activities to provide hands-on experience along with bonus objectives.

The workshops are run by the AAS CanSat Competition team members. Each week, we deliver a presentation on a new skill set and will follow it up with a hands-on activity. During the first workshop, the attending students will be placed into teams and each team will design their own CanSat. Three of our workshop teams will compete in the UK CanSat Competition representing the University of Manchester. The three teams that progress will be determined by the Design Review (Find more about this in the UK CanSat Competition deliverables page). Additionally, each workshop team has a US Team Member acting as a mentor.

In the 2018/2019 academic year, around 30-50 STEM students have been attending MCP workshops from degrees such as Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Physics and Computer Science.

Workshops Outline

Workshop 1 – Introduction, Systems Overview and Requirements

Workshop 2 – Sensors

Workshop 3 – Object Orientation Programming and Communication Protocols

Workshop 4 – Electronic Components and Circuits, and Flight Software

Workshop 5 – Mechanical Design and Descent Control

Workshop 6 – Recap

Workshop 7 – Communications and Data Handling

Workshop 8 – Ground Control Station

Workshop 9 – Introduction to Machine Learning (supplementary)


All of our resources are open-source. This includes all of our presentations as well as videos of us presenting them.

They can all be found here.


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